Coat Vacuum Storage Bag

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Vacuum bagsize:68*98cm /50*60cm / 50*70cm/ 80*100cm 

thickness: 7mm

In our daily life, the packed closet always makes people feel overwhelmed, and often the real commonly used clothing only accounts for 20% of the total. The coat vacuum storage bag not only liberates your closet, but the unique sealing design of the vacuum compression bag also can achieve the effects of moisture-proof, insect bite-proof, and clean preservation.

The coat vacuum storage bag has the functions of moisture-proof, mildew proof, mothproof, and odor proof, which can expand your space several times. Especially the vacuum compression bag with double insurance and self-sealing design has a better sealing effect. The sliding zipper is environmentally friendly, beautiful, novel, and practical.

You can rest assured that the coat vacuum storage bag will not cause the quilt to not keep warm because the clothes and quilts are compressed for a long time. When you need to use the compressed stuff, you only need to open the zipper and remove the clothes and quilts. It can be used normally after being tapped lightly. The vacuum compression bag is made of high-quality PA+PE thick material. The bag is not disposable and can generally be used for 3-8 years.


1. Save space

Because the coat vacuum storage bag is vacuum compression, the volume of the originally expanded item is removed by evacuating the air in the middle. A simple analogy is equivalent to squeezing a sponge with your hands.

2. Will not be moldy, insect, or damp

This effect can be achieved because it is isolated from the outside air. It is convenient to carry clothes and bedding when traveling.

Coat Vacuum Storage Bag

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Q1. Can I have a sample?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed model samples are acceptable.


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