Ningbo General Union

Ningbo General Union Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 as a wholly operated subsidiary of Market Union Group, a leading trading company in Ningbo City. NGU as a typical trading corporation is mainly divided into 3 divisions, 9 sales departments, 1 design, 1 logistics, and 1 QA and QC department. Thank you for cooperation with us, we will do our best!


Paper Products


Plastic Products

Party accessories

What makes your party impressive? The answer must be fantastic accessories. Our selection of party accessories will attract the eyes of every guests. The lovely baking cups, fancy paper cake pans, adorable cake dessert standings or delicate knives and forks help enhance the celebration atmosphere.


Good kitchenware makes a good cook. Nice kitchenware can not only upgrade your kitchen's stylish but also make your cooking time enjoyable. We provide practical bamboo cutlery, high-quality stainless steel cutlery, fry pan, sauce pan and exquisite baking molds for every person shows animation in life.

Disposable tableware

If you are hospitable and enjoy inviting people to your house but hate washing plates and cups or any other tableware, using fine disposable tableware is really a wise choice. It is safe and environmentally friendly, clean and hygienic. The disposable tableware is and can hold a variety of foods, such as fruits, pastries, meat, and vegetables, it is suitable for both family gatherings and outdoor picnics.